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NDC Discontinuation Notification for Mustargen (mechlorethamine HCl for injection) – Notification for Healthcare Providers

October 1, 2018

RE: NDC Discontinuation Notification for Mustargen® (mechlorethamine HCl for injection) – Effective 12/31/2018

Dear Healthcare Provider:

Recordati Rare Diseases Inc. has decided to discontinue manufacture, distribution and sale of Mustargen® 10 mg (Mechlorethamine HCl for Injection) due to extremely low demand of this product. Our records indicate that you and/or the hospital at which you work have purchased Mustargen in the last 24 months.

The NDC discontinuation for Mustargen 10 mg (Mechlorethamine HCl for Injection) is effective 12/31/2018.

Sales will be allowed through December 31, 2018. Please update your system to reflect the product discontinuation date. Patients should contact their Pharmacist or Primary Healthcare Provider to discuss other therapeutic options.

NDC and Product Information, effective 12/31/2018:

We appreciate your understanding. As always, we greatly value your business and your support. Please contact Paul Stickler, Vice President of Commercial Operations for Recordati Rare Diseases at or at 847-205-5503 should you desire additional information. For customer service, call 866-654-0539.


Paul L. Stickler
Vice President, Commercial Operations